We are excited to be working on plans for reopening once permitted by the Alberta government and AHS.

Facility Cleaning/Sanitizing

  • Over 70 sanitizing stations located throughout ENMAX Centre
  • Before opening events we will ensure the entire venue is cleaned, then have our event crew wipe down high traffic touch areas (door handles, counter tops, etc) once or twice where possible using both contracted services as well as employees, and post event institute a full clean of the venue.
  • Clean high use items: phones, ATM, computers, and high touch areas regularly.
  • Areas that people should not congregate should be marked as opposed to marking the flow of people to congregate.
  • We are to follow AHS Government of Alberta Guidelines which are the following (to be updated with large venues of 2500 or more seats):

Entry Process

  • People will be directed to line up through each door outside with bike rack
  • Portable sanitizer stations will be at each doorway inside to be used by all patrons as they enter the building
  • Walkway scanners for metal and thermal checks will be made as they progress through, those that scan positive will be pulled out of line and checked on the side at customer service area (this will have to be adjusted for hockey)

Signage will be required throughout the facility for all sanitizer locations, handwashing, good health practices


Use of Concessions:

  • Plexi-glass will have to be built at all concessions that cover the mid body to head level, leaving the bottom and top open. This can be across the entire concession and mounted on walls
  • TBD – Mask and gloves will have to be worn by staff in the concessions, pending other Health orders in regard to this area.