Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens - Meisou (Meditation) 9:30am Classes

Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens - Meisou (Meditation) 9:30am Classes - September 26th 2020, Saturday, 9:30 AM

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Take a moment to quiet your mind and body with a meditation class set in the serene backdrop of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. We are now offering Meisou (Meditation) Classes with Aaron Roth inside the garden. Aaron is an experienced instructor who will take you through a variety of styles of meditation, no matter your experience.

Meisou (Meditation) Classes

All classes are 30 minutes in length and are $30 each. This includes admission to Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, bottled water on arrival and a green tea following your class. Choose between 9:30AM (please arrive at 9:15AM for registration) OR 6PM (please arrive at 5:45PM for registration). Purchase one of each of the meditation classes on August 1, 2, and 3 for only $75. 

Zazen Meditation - July 18
A meditation technique from the Zen Buddhist tradition, often using breath as a focus. Zazen seeks insight into the nature of existence and allows the practitioner to pose the question "who am I?". In this meditation, posture is important, as is the suspension of judgement over thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise during the practice. 

Mindfulness/Shikantaza Meditation - August 1 
From the Soto Zen tradition, this meditation differs from other forms in that it has no specific object of focus (other than maintaining posture). Shikantaza is "just sitting", allowing thoughts, feelings, and emotions to arise and pass by without judgement or holding on to them. 

Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation - August 2  
A meditation technique where the practitioner brings attention to their body, noticing sensations, as they mentally scan the body. 

Guided Imagery - August 3   
A mind-body technique that combines imagery and relaxation techniques for the promotion of wellbeing, the reduction of stress and anxiety, and connection with emotions and feelings. 

Lectio Divina (Reading Rumi or Teaching of Buddha) - August 22   
A meditative and contemplative technique arising from the West, attributed most often to the Benedictine monastic tradition. It is a contemplation of a literary source, where one "enters" the words and discovers their meaning on a deep interior level. This technique can be practiced with poetry, scriptures, written wisdom of spiritual teachers, and even the lyrics of music.

 About Aaron Roth

Aaron grew up in Lethbridge and has been a supporter of Nikka Yuko for many years.  He trained in Karate under Sensei Taka Kinjo in Lethbridge for many years, which is where he had his first experiences of meditation.  Aaron has studied various forms of meditation, yoga, and contemplative techniques from different traditions, both Eastern and Western.  In 2018 he completed his Level 1 meditation teacher training with Mandy Trapp from Lifestyle Meditation in Edmonton.  In 2019, he completed his 200 hour meditation teacher training with Caroline Stewart at InspirED Me Meditation and Wellness in Edmonton.  Aaron has also completed courses in integrative health using mindfulness and guided imagery through the University of Minnesota.