A Bellydance Spectacular

A Bellydance Spectacular - November 24th 2018, Saturday, 7:30 PM

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A Bellydance Spectacular brings to life a dazzling, glittery new world of Oriental Fusion with unique props, fabulous costuming, and talented dancers who have graced professional stages in Las Vegas! Audiences are always enthralled to see the bright colours and sparkling crystals of the Tone Bellydancers from Medicine Hat! At the Spectacular, they can expect a theatrical experience showcasing Bellydance with swords, feather fans, canes, veils and the exceedingly popular Isis (butterfly) Wings. The main show is an adventure of it’s very own: exciting, heartbreaking, uplifting and intriguing. Truly, it is a breathtaking experience. Original Choreography by- Krista Vandermeulen and Lindsay Perry, Tone Bellydance owners. Original Music by- Paul Dinletir, composer.