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Contact Information

ENMAX Centre Dedicated Staff - Call us anytime. We are ready to assist you with any of your booking needs, and/or event information. The ENMAX Centre offers diverse experiences to name a few: sporting events, concerts, staff retreats, conventions, catering, and special events.

All staff are located at :
ENMAX Centre
2510 Scenic Drive South
Lethbridge, AB
T1K 1N2
Phone: 320-4040

General Manager
Kim Gallucci
Email: Kim.Gallucci@lethbridge.ca

Sales & Marketing Manager 
Jordan Dekens
Phone: (403) 320-3807 or (403) 393-9364
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: jordan.dekens@lethbridge.ca

Operations Manager
Len Overbeeke
Phone: (403) 320-4055
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: Len.Overbeeke@lethbridge.ca

Catering & Lounge Manager
Tania McMahon
Phone: (403) 320-4199
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: Tania.McMahon@lethbridge.ca

Events Manager
Becky Little
Phone: (403) 320-4119
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: becky.little@lethbridge.ca

Account & Ticket Manager
Jennifer Norsworthy
Phone: (403) 329-7361
Fax: (403) 327-3620

Event Coordinator
Robin Sakamoto
Phone: (403) 320-4058
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: robin.sakamoto@lethbridge.ca

Sales Executive
Wes Chapman
Phone: 403-320-4245
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: wes.chapman@lethbridge.ca

Sales Executive
Amber Rebbitt
Phone: (403) 320-4713
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: amber.rebbitt@lethbridge.ca

Account Clerk III 
Rose Tamminga
Phone: (403) 320-4084
Fax: (403) 327-3620
Email: Rose.Tamminga@lethbridge.ca

Suite Coordinator & Catering
Darlene Alexander
Phone: (403) 320-4959

Call (403) 329-7328 (SEAT) for Tickets
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